Urban Resilience in the Context of Natural Disasters


CityLab 15 October - 13:00 to 14:30
La Cité Miroir
Pl. Xavier Neujean 22
4000 Liège
13:00 - 14:30

In 2021, Zagreb has adressed the issue of "Resilient Zagreb" in different CityLabs, because the Croatian capital has recently faced numerous crisis and natural disasters (pandemia, earthquake, floods). These CityLabs led to numerous discussions on how Zagreb functioned in these crises and on the city's resilience capacities. 

As part of the Festival, the students of the University of Zagreb want to demonstrate their perspective and, in an open discussion, share their experiences with Festival participants. They will use numerous techniques, such as story telling, a photo exhibition, short videos, interviews and freeze-frame. 

This event will enable to discuss how the student community has been affected by crisis, how students demonstrate resilience and their significance for wider community resilience. The students of the University of Zagreb want to give a contribution to students as one of the most resilient communities in times of crisis, but also want to point the numerous sources of vulnerability that they face. 

Language of activity: English.



A group of 15 students from the University of Zagreb will be leading this interactive event. Students come from different faculties and fields of study including chemistry, journalism, law, public administration, agriculture, theology, social work and informatics. 

Event also accessible online : here !

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