General Feedback on CityLabs Activities


15 October from 14:45 to 15:15
La Cité Miroir
Pl. Xavier Neujean 22
4000 Liège
30 min
14:45 - 15:15

15 October, a day dedicated to the UNIC CityLabs

The first day of the festival will be dedicated to the CityLabs and will lead to the organisation of different activities on the theme of post-industrial cities and their transition: the citizen space as a vector of inclusion in a post-industrial city in transition (Seraing), exiled students, migrant women, as well as urban resilience in the context of natural disasters.

We look forward to seeing you on 15 October from 14:45 to 15:15 at the Cité Miroir for an assessment and a pooling of the activities of the day!

CityLabs at the heart of the UNIC project

These think-tanks allow civil society actors, academia, politics and business domains to gather in order to identify the issues that post-industrial cities face, to develop solutions to these challenges the UNIC network’s level - through exchanges on experiences and good practice- as well as establishing solutions locally.

In other words, the objective is to generate an European learning community, share expertise and develop new co-creation approaches in order to favour the transition of post-industrial cities.

Event also accessible online : here !

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